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DaoliCloud Blockchain Open Trial Page

Welcome to DaoliCloud Blockchain!

We are entering the era of Internet of Things (IoTs)! You will be having and using more and more IoT devices and gadgets. You will also be having and using more and more Web3.0 domain names to name your IoT devices ad gadgets for them to be easily used and communicating one another using Web3.0 domain names! Download the DaoliCloud Blockchain software to your various IoT devices, register Web3.0 domain names for them, and let them be easily used with accessing management being completely under your exclusive control!

This web page provides simple steps to download and test run the DaoliCloud Blockchain software.

Before going adead, you may have some questions, such as:

  1. Why should I use Daoliyun Blockchain?
  2. What exactly are Daoliyun Web3.0 Domain Names and Services?
  3. Famous public blockchain chains, such as Ethereum, proposed the Web3.0 concept a few years ago and also have ENS (in Web3.0 sense?) domain name services. Now DaoliCloud has also launched blockchain, Web3.0 domain names and services. Compared with Ethereum, what’s new in DaoliCloud?
  4. What is the usefulness of DaoliCloud Web3.0 Domain Names and Services?
Daolicloud’s “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) web page https://daolicloud.com/frequently-asked-questions/ provide in the form of interactive questions and answers which may be able to answer some (and perhaps more) questions you may have. We hope that the interactive FAQ Q&A page and technology introduction page of DaoliCloud webpage will help you understand DaoliCloud Web3.0 Domain Name and Services, or may help you further understand the great and far-reaching significance that Web3.0 will bring to the era of Internet of Things.


Now action!

Linux Executables:

     App: https://daolicloud.com/download/linux/app

     Server: https://daolicloud.com/download/linux/gouncle

MS Windows Executables:

     App: https://daolicloud.com/download/windows/app.exe

     Server: https://daolicloud.com/download/windows/gouncle.exe

Command prompt for downloading these executables can be, e.g., for MS Windows, as follows:

curl https://daolicloud.com/download/windows/gouncle.exe  –output gouncle.exe

Smart Phones APPs: (Soon to release) 

Let $PWD stand for “Print Working Directory” where you place, and will be running, your DaoliCloud Blockchain software.

Make the Linux software executable (Since Windows software with .exe postfix is already executable, skip this step):

     $PWD/chmod +x app gouncle

(Note for Windows users: Use backslash symbol “\” in all cases of forward slash symbol “/” .)

Setup your digital asset’s public/private key pair:

     $PWD/gouncle keypair

Never show your private key to anyone! Your private key is the sole and only means for you to secure your digital assets in your exclusive control. In fact, you should also make a secure backup of your private key to prevent loss.

Having setup your key pair, you are ready to run your permissionless server node as follows:


Once your blockchain node is up running, you may try the following self-help usecases:

1)     $PWD/gouncle help     Interactive help instructions for the server software.

2)     $PWD/app help     Interactive help instructions for the app software.

3)     $PWD/app whoami     Print your server node’s public key.

4)     $PWD/app mytls     Print your server node’s Transport-Layer-Security public key.

5)     $PWD/app myip     Print your server node’s public IP address. You will see your node’s public IP address which can route to your node by your users from the Internet, even if you are running the DaoliCloud Blockchain server node using a client device, e.g., desktop or laptop PC, or mobile device, etc. without a dedicated public IP address. When your ephemeral public IP address changes, DaoliCloud Blockchain will immediately update your new public IP address without the user being aware of the change.

6)     $PWD/app dn <string>     Register <string> as your Web3.0 domain name (W3DN). Your W3DN is like a conventional domain name for human friendly use for routing to your blockchain node and wallet, and in addition and more usefully, your W3DN will be playing the same role as your node’s public key, to secure your digital assets with cryptographic strength, e.g., encryption and digital signature.

7)     $PWD/app w3 W3DN     (Here W3DN is the Web3.0 domain name that a user has registered.) Print the contents of file $PWD/.web3 in the W3DN registrant device. This use case has exactly the same function as “Unix Finger” in a LAN network environment. However, in the DaoliCloud Blockchain, the route resolution service of the web3 command is across the entire Internet. This use case also shows that for the soon-to-be-released mobile device APP, this web3 command will become as simple as touch-screen. Correspondingly, DaoliCloud W3DN domain name service will by then include registered image ICON and provide routing resolution services for images. Thus, an icon or an image will become a public key for the first time.

8)     $PWD/app block     Print the realtime blockchain extending state.

The interactive self-help commands in (1) and (2) can let you learn more usecases of the DaoliCloud Blockchain. More useful applications of the DaoliCloud Blockchain will be released in a near future.

Hope you may find that these instructions are easily understandable, simple and useful.

Have fun!

Please feedback your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

Click below URLs to view real-time state of the DaoliCloud Blockchain appending blocks. If you participate in, you will see your own node’s contributions, being an uncle busy working in the DaoliCloud Blockchain!