GoUncle: A Blockchain Of, By, For Modest Computers

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A Green Blockchain Project

Bitcoin began the first open source peer-to-peer (P2P) money. It also began a new area of study: Permissionless Blockchain, with the capacity to found Web-3.0 for decentralized, secure and scalable sharing of information. However Bitcoin is known to be notoriously non-green, non-scalable, and very slow.

The blog posts in the following Table-of-Content set out from investigating reasons why permissionless blockchain technologies so far are not practical for Web-3.0 applications. Many issues are worthy discussions: Permissionless, Permissioned, Peer-to-Peer money and applications, Proofs-of-Work, Proofs-of-Stake, Proofs-of-Resources (e.g., storage space), Trilemma of Scalability-Decentralization-Security, Layer-1, Layer-2, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Consensus, Greenness, Spam Control, Race Condition, Fairness, Sybil attack, Sanction attack, DDoS attack, mining, voting, lottery, Smart Contracts, Stable Coins, DeFi, Web 3.0, …

The discussion shall shape up thoughts toward building a Bitcoin 2.0 solution: A green, decentralized, secure and scalable permissionless blockchain. The Project is also an open source programming platform for building, hosting and using Web-3.0 killer apps.