DaoliCloud: Digital Asset Open Ledger for Inexpensive Web3 Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DaoliCloud’s Web3.0 Domain Name Service? How is it different from traditional DNS domain name service? How is it different from the ENS Domain Name Service of the well-known Ethereum blockchain?

We’ve compiled the following interactive Q&A on some of our “Frequently Asked Questions” that we hope will help answer your questions.

Q1: What is DaoliCloud’s Web3.0 Domain Name Service? Who are the service recipients?

A1: DaoliCloud Web3.0 Domain Name Service aims to provide domain name access services to various devices in the Internet for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The service objects of DaoliCloud are mainly personal devices, such as smartphones, desktop or lapto computers, and even IoT devices (“smart dusts”). DaoliCloud Web3.0 domain name service allows these personal devices to have Internet domain names, and allows individuals to use “Domain Name as PublicKey” (DN-PK) to manage and control the secure interconnection access policies for their devices.

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