Decentralized Clock for Blockchain Mining to Return to Decentralization

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Decentralized Clock

Global Clock Cycles (DCC) enables every node in the P2P network to validate/express occurring times of events for block dissemination. DCCs are useful to formulate Consensus of Luck, to greatly ease and hence decentralize Proof-of-Work (PoW) block mining.

Consensus of Luck

Proof-of-Work block mining and dissemination are lucky events: (1) Computation-lucky for miners to solve a much eased PoW puzzle; and (2) Communication-lucky for blocks in dissemination to find shorter or quicker routes to a quorum of BFT trustees.

Open Membership for Byzantine Fault Tolerant Trustees Consortium

A blockchain where a Byzantine Fault Tolerance style of secure multiparty computation meets much eased PoW block mining = Permissionless Peer-to-Peer computing with truly decentralized security, scalability and sustainability.