DaoliCloud: Decentralized Autonomy of Lineup Cloud Servers

DrAw On Lots to Lineup a Cloud

A Short Description of DaoliCloud

DaoliCloud—Draw on Lots to Lineup a Cloud—is a permissionless green and scalable blockchain. The greenness is from a down-to-earth ease of draw-on-lots for chain extending, and the scalability is from lots of draw losers forming resource supply to meet the high demand of applications. Permissionless greenness attracts enthusiastic participation not only from client devices to greatly decentralize blockchain security and lower the bar for using P2P money, but also from servers to sell their surpluses of general-purpose computing, networking and storage resources. DaoliCloud separates kernel-user spaces as conventional operating systems do, perhaps for the first time for blockchain. The separation enables (1) kernel-mode single-minded simplicity for lively chain extending even in very noisy draw-on-lots traffic, and (2) user-mode chain address immutably locked deterministic execution of the user payload data to guarantee the ledger entry correctness. In addition to being an open source green and scalable P2P money, DaoliCloud is also an open programming platform for hosting many P2P cloud applications.

Decentralized Clock

Global Clock Cycles (DCC) enables every node in the P2P network to validate/express occurring times of events for block dissemination. DCCs are useful to formulate Consensus of Luck, to greatly ease and hence decentralize Proof-of-Work (PoW) block mining.

Incentive Byzantine Fault Tolerance (I-BFT)

DaoliCloud uses a novel Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) protocol where the BFT group members are incentivized to work in collaboration for ease of reaching a consensus on who the winning miners are. An I-BFT consensus represents the voting of majority miners.

Open Membership for Byzantine Fault Tolerant Trustees Consortium

A blockchain where a Byzantine Fault Tolerance style of secure multiparty computation meets much eased PoW block mining = Permissionless Peer-to-Peer computing with truly decentralized security, scalability and sustainability.