DaoliCloud: Digital Asset Open Ledger for Inexpensive Web3 Services


It is very easy to run a permissionless node in the GoUncle Blockchain. Download executables app, gouncle:

     wget  http://uncle4.daolicloud.com/app

     wget  http://uncle4.daolicloud.com/gouncle

Make them executable:

     chmod +x app gouncle

Setup your digital asset’s public/private key pair:

     ./gouncle setup

Having setup your key pair, you are ready to run your permissionless server node:

     ./gouncle server

Once your node is up running, you may try the following features:

1)     ./app whoami

2)     ./app mytls

3)     ./app myip

4)     ./app ls (or ./app ls -l, meaning to list the long version)

5)     ./app finger ID (where ID is in the list output from ./app ls)

You will see respectively: (1) Your public key for securing your digital asset; (2) Your Transport Layer Security (TLS) public key for securing your communications with other GoUncle nodes; (3) Your public IP address; (4) A list of other permissionless nodes who are online in serving the GoUncle Blockchain; and (5) the content of .finger file if the ID-named node has documented this file in its home directory (Why not you also document your own .finger file, so that the world can see that you yourself is also an uncle serving the GoUncle Blockchain!)

The GoUncle Blockchain has online help manuals, try

     ./gouncle –help

     ./app –help

Hope you may find that these instructions are easily understandable, simple and useful. Have fun!

Please feedback your comments and suggestions. Thanks!
Click to view real-time blockchain appending blocks. You may see your own node’s contributions, being an uncle busy working in the GoUncle blockchain!